I'm on a mission to help you

Document Growth and Change

Within your family

Photographing families goes beyond capturing faces and smiles; it captures the essence of human existence—our relationships, emotions, growth, and the stories that define us. It's a way of preserving and celebrating the profound connections that make us who we are. I love how unique each experience is with every family I meet. It brings me so much joy to be a part in documenting your family as it grows and changes.

Family Sessions

I would love to come to your home and spend time together capturing the beauty of your home life, or to play in nature and make some special memories outside.

Maternity and Newborn

What a special time is it when you add to your family! It is a celebration of the human experience, the strength of women, and the hope for the future, making it a profoundly beautiful and meaningful journey.


I struggle to describe in words just how significant and magical capturing a birth is. It has an everlasting impact on me and every time I am asked to capture this moment I feel truly blessed.

Freezing time

Do you avoid being in front of the camera and often find yourself taking the photos?

Gone are the days of awkward family photos, I promise there will be lots of fun and laughs and you will often forget I am there to take photos. Don't let your fear of being in photos let you not be in that family album!

cost and what is included

My session fee for my portrait sessions is $550. This includes roughly an hour long session in home or outdoors in Coffs Harbour and surrounds, but I love to travel to you too! You will receive an online gallery of images that you are able to download. The size of gallery changes depending on what we get up to. But you will always receive at least 50 images. If you have more questions I would love to chat more. To find out more about my birth and extended family sessions please send me an email.